Sep 15, 2007

Take Only as Directed

Hydrocodone stars
lean like street signs in night's alley,
with black-hole eyes shut.

journeys through clouds of ether;
paints his skull with rainbows.

Pink epiphany,
inside a rat's toy prison:
"Exits don't exist."

Swiss-cheese brain readout:
food, blue, sex, pain, words, love, hate--
cocooned in neurons.

Nothing beautiful,
just death's-head butterfly wings;
Jupiter screams out.

Fuzzy-sweater kiss
nails him to cosmic crosses,
raspberry eye-blood.

Skeleton highlights
jingling beneath raw-tip meat,
Samurai pelvis.

Green-gas cemetery
where stones drink the moon's rivers
like fountains of youth.


Anonymous said...

"raspberry eye-blood..."

deleted_god said...

Changing the rules when it's convenient for the sake of a beautiful line is not very nice....

"paints his skull with rainbows."

maybe you should call this blog "five, seven, X" ... you fail me